“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly.”
~ English Proverb

Throughout my life I’ve experienced many ups and downs but have been blessed to be surrounded by supportive people and to have a strong faith that has always kept me hopeful and determined. As a child, I was diagnosed with brain cancer and overdosed with radiation which destroyed the cancer but left me physically disabled. At age 8, I was told by doctors I would be dead within weeks. Not willing to listen to my doctors, I stayed strong, positive, and went on to prove everyone wrong by overcoming the odds; realizing my abilities, not my disabilities.

Finding your place in the world is difficult for anyone but sometimes I find that having disabilities makes it even harder. As a recent graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University,  I am discovering that because of my disabilities, I have to do things my way, stay positive, and focus on what’s best for me instead of worrying about what society says the “average” young adult should be doing.


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