The ticking sound of time

“You would know the value of time, the day you start counting not the hours, but the seconds they contain, and what you did with them.”

-Herman J Steinherr

As the holidays quickly approaches, our minds tend to reflect on Christmas memories and holiday traditions. After asking some friends what to write about in my blog, they suggested writing about these memories. Well I want to write about another memory, CLOCKS!

Clocks have always been a part of my life. To me, there is something so soothing and comforting about the ticking of a clocks. The constant tick tock drives most people crazy but the rhythmatic sound makes me feel secure and at ease.

One of my dad’s favorite hobbies was to collect clocks, antique clocks, cuckoo clocks, clocks from a ship, and the list goes on. At one point, there were over 70 clocks in our house. There was something about clocks that fascinated my dad. Maybe it was how they worked, how each clock had such intricate detail, and the story each clock held. He loved his clock collection, seeing the beauty in every clock and every chime. I never realized until I was in a house without clocks how he had passed that love onto me. It was so quiet! My friend once spent the night at my house and in the morning, she asked how I slept all the time with clocks always ticking and chiming. I had no answer except that the sound had become second nature to me.

When my dad passed away, clocks not only were a way of telling time but they became a memory of the time we had. A man who was a second father to me, passed away, his family gave us his clock which was actually a gift from my family years ago. His clock also acts as a reminder of our time together and it makes me smile with each chime.

Growing up with clocks has taught me many lessons including preferring an analog clock over digital clocks. But one thing clocks taught me most was to respect time, to value and enjoy your time instead of trying to control it. Time is precious, every second and every moment, no matter how unimportant or small it may seem. To live in the present instead of focusing on the past or on the future. A clock lives in the moment, it doesn’t dwell on the time from yesterday or what is going to occur at a certain time tomorrow. A clock makes every second count, literally. Shouldn’t we all be like clocks?

As we rush around for the holidays, going to parties, shopping, wrapping, and everything in between,  remember to make every second count. Every action you make, every moment, and every word you speak. Respect your time, live in the moment, and value every second even it is spent with people we don’t really care for or doing something that we would much rather not be doing.

“I suppose it’s like the ticking crocodile, isn’t it? Time is chasing after all of us.”
― Peter Pan



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4 responses to “The ticking sound of time

  1. Dottie

    Beth, I think you also think you inherited your dad’s respect of time. He liked to remember the past but he didn’t live there. He tried to make every minute matter. He taught me that if you wait to do or say something right then, it’s already too late. Great article !

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  2. I concur with Dottie… I loved those 70 clocks in your house. They not only resonated the time, but they resonated your Dad. He would be so proud of this post. I could see him smiling and knowing he had made a difference in his daughter through all those clocks. Your home has always been a safe haven, and those clocks do make you feel safe and secure. This is a beautiful post, Beth. I am going to share it, because it speaks about so much. Love you.

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  4. Your Aunt Daf sent me. I love this post. Last week, during my Quaker Meeting the subject of clocks surfaced. We were discussing how difficult it is at times to “settle in” to the quietness of meeting. One suggestion, that is usually meant for children is as follows: You know you have settled in when you no longer hear the ticking of the clock. (A beautiful clock is in the Meeting House). I think we all need a reminder to settle, especially this time of year.
    Thanks for the reminder!


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