Don’t suck the fun out of life

“There’s joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child”

-Katrina Mayer

Isn’t there just something fun and exciting about drinking through a straw? Whether it’s bendy, striped, twisty, or bright neon colors, straws transform an ordinary glass of water into a cup of fun.

One of the many side effects I experienced from brain cancer and radiation treatments was losing all facial movement. For several years I couldn’t smile, frown, and had no control of my face. My cheeks became extremely puffy due to the lack of muscle and the steroids I was taking. Saying I looked like a chipmunk is an understatement. As a result of this, I started to use a straw with my drinks because drinking from a glass was next to impossible. I would dribble all over myself and whatever I drank, ended up all over me. So a straw was an easy solution to that problem. Thankfully, after a couple surgeries and hours of speech therapy, the movement in my face came back! I could smile again and just in time for high school.

Although the facial movement has slowly returned to my face and I can drink out of glass now, it’s still easier to use a straw. As my doctor explained once, the muscle around your lips is like a rubber band and when it breaks, the muscle never completely recovers. So I still use a straw most of the time, partly because it’s easier and partly because it reminds me to not take life so seriously.

Some of my friends know I always come prepared with straws and just shake their heads as I pull a folded-up straw out of my pocket. Some women carry lipstick in their purses; I carry straws.

A straw is not only a simple solution to queching my thrist but it also reminds me of how important it is to maintain my childlike innocence. To not view the world from the perspective of a jaded, opinionated adult but as a child full of wonder and imagination. To always look for the best in people, to be hopeful no matter what I face, and to find joy in the simple things. Someone once told me “Life is so much better through a straw”, I think they were onto something with that thought. Straws make a simple drink such as a milkshake or a smoothie seem like a treat or full of adventure. Even at bars, the straws used in fancy drinks make them more appealing.


But the thing is, is it the straw itself that brings out the kid in us or is it our attitude towards  straws? And why only have that attitude when using a straw? Why not approach every day and every moment with that childlike innocence?

No matter what happens, always remember to keep your childlike innocence,. It is the most important thing.

-Federico Fellini


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