Life is like a Ferris wheel


“If you’re gonna make a change, you’re gonna have to operate from a belief that says life happens not to me, but for me”
-Tony Robbins
It’s been said a million times before but isn’t it funny how a song brings back a memory?
While watching a football game a couple weeks ago, I heard I feel good by James Brown being played throughout the stadium. Immediately, my mind went back in time and was reminded of a time  of dancing on desks.

It was after school, I was in second grade and just hanging out in my mom’s classroom. For some odd reason, don’t ask me why, but that song was stuck in my head.  So naturally, I started dancing, yes I was that weird kid who randomly started dancing. One thing led to another and before you know it, I was dancing on the desks to a song no one else could hear but me. I was full of energy and unstoppable.

That night, my mood unexpectedly changed, almost as if someone flipped a light switch. By that time, I had already undergone my first brain tumor surgery and that night, it became obvious the tumor was back. I started vomiting uncontrollably, felt as though someone was taking a sledge hammer to my head and my desire to dance was gone.Within a week, I had another surgery to remove the tumor a second time.
For most people who follow my blog, you know things slowly went downhill after that but then with a lot of faith and determination, things went uphill. The tumor came back a third time, I received radiation treatments instead of surgery. The radiation destroyed the cancer but scattered throughout my brain, nearly killing me and leaving me physically disabled. I fought for my life, proved some people wrong along the way, and continued to grow, never letting anything keep me down for too long.
As I was thinking about this memory, it reminded me of how quickly our lives change, for the better or for the worst and with each change, you gain a new perspective. Change in life is like riding a Ferris wheel, as it spins around and around, your view constantly changes. The view from the top is completely different from the view at the bottom or in the middle.  But each view is unique and allows you to see life from a different angle.
A sudden change in my health was not the greatest news and dealing with cancer was not a positive change in my life but it gave me a new appreciation for life, a new perspective. Maybe I don’t dance on desks anymore but I still dance all the time, just safely on the ground.
“Here’s the truth, your situation is never permanent; it’s what you make it. Life is not solid, it’s liquid, it changes.”


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2 responses to “Life is like a Ferris wheel

  1. I love you! You always bring me to tears and renew me through your words. So very proud of you and in my mind I am dancing with you, not on the desks, because I would smush them! Love you, thank you for this.


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