Butterfly kisses

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly.”
~ English Proverb

Like many people, I absolutely love butterflies. They are beautiful creatures, so graceful and peaceful.  To me, it is also what they symbolize. I have always compared myself to a butterfly because like a caterpillar, I am constantly changing and transforming into something else. I’ve never let my disabilities keep me from succeeding just like the caterpillar never gave up on becoming a butterfly. I think that’s also true for everyone too, we are continuously trying to grow and are always overcoming the obstacles life throws at us in order to succeed.

Although lately, butterflies have another meaning to me. Shortly after graduating college, my mom and I went to the beach to celebrate graduating from the Mount, my upcoming birthday, and to just get away from the stress of life. (I’m so lucky to have a mom who is my best friend) Like most recent college graduates, I was panicking, wishing I was still in college, and had no idea what my next step would be. While we were watching the sunrise, which is my favorite part of being at the beach, I was complaining about my life and searching for advice. I just needed a sign that my life still had some purpose! All of a sudden, I looked down and there was a butterfly, just fluttering along the beach and  happened to land on the sand right in front of me. That was clearly my sign! And not to sound totally weird but I  knew right away that it was from my dad.

This past summer, my mom and I were at the same beach and she asked me why he communicates through butterflies and I said, without even thinking, “probably because butterfly kisses were our thing.” So now every time I see a butterfly now, I always feel extra sure that I am where I’m meant to be.

When I blog, I like my writings to have a moral or a deeper meaning. This blog really challenged me to come up with one but after days of thinking and asking for others’ opinions, I realized what the moral is. We all have moments when we feel pushed to our limits or think that our life is pointless and we search and look everywhere for a sign but it just doesn’t appear!  And not to super religious, but something I’ve learned is during those moments that it is best to just let go, accept that God (or some supreme being) has control, and allow Him to take over.

I believe it is because of this and because of my faith, that both God and my dad choose to communicate to me through butterflies.

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”

-Sonia Ricotti


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