Perspective in a donut and chocolate milk

I am typically not a huge donut fan but when it comes to chocolate crème-filled donuts, I just can’t resist. And it has to be the custard filling not the whip cream stuff; if I’m going to pig out and take a break from eating healthy than I want only the best!

This past weekend, my mom splurged and got donuts for everyone. The second I saw  mine, I had to have it! Plus the hot weather was melting the chocolate and it probably wouldn’t have tasted as good if I didn’t eat it right away. No sense in wasting food.

While eating my ginormous donut and getting chocolate all over my face, I was taken back to a particular time when I had these donuts with chocolate milk. (I probably sound like such a fat kid but isn’t it weird how some foods have a specific memory?) But I remember that day exactly. It was in early February and very cold out.  My mom, who is a teacher, needed to go work in her classroom and because it was over a break, there were no kids in the building. Not wanting to leave me at home alone, I went with her.

I remember she took mats and blankets for me to lay on so I could watch TV, have my donuts and chocolate milk while she did school work.  In my memory, that was a great day! I was comfy,  just watching TV, had a full stomach, and content.  Well, I brought this memory up to my mom and she just shook her head, laughing. How I remember that day is much different from her memory.

According to her, that was an awful day and shortly after the doctors told her I would die within weeks. She remembers standing in the hallway, sobbing to the other teachers in the building and trying to keep me as happy as possible while she still could.

As I devoured my donut the other week, this memory came back to me. It is amazing how our perspectives can influence events in our lives. Maybe my parents had just received terrible news and looking back that was a difficult time in my life; I was on so many pain meds, those years seem like a blur. But at that moment, my needs were met and I had food,  surrounded by loving people,  and I was having a cool camp-out in my mom’s classroom. Maybe my life was a disaster; having no facial movement, barely able to even crawl or slither, numerous other health issues, and having very little hope. But at that moment, I didn’t look at the big picture, I just saw what was in front of me and I was happy.

I think that is something most people, especially me, struggle with; our perspective on life, changing it for the better and choosing to see the positives in life. Being a teacher, my mom usually dreads August but this year, she’s decided to embrace it and change her perspective by saying today is the best August 12, 2015 ever! Because in all honesty it is, we only have one chance at living each day, unless you’re Marty Mcfly and mastered time travel.   So today and everyday, before you start to be negative, I challenge you to change your perspective and see the positives in your life.

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect.

It means that you’ve decided to see beyond the imperfections and enjoy the day



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2 responses to “Perspective in a donut and chocolate milk

  1. How perfectly you have described your Mom and how she functioned during that time. She is my hero. I love that you only felt secure and that speaks volumes to me. Love you my niece, love this piece. All of these would make a great collection for a book…. your next project? I would buy it and I think so would many others.


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