“With great power comes great responsibility”

So after taking a couple months break from blogging, I think it’s time to get back at it. Lately, I’ve been in a rut and felt stuck in my life and not super positive. Everyone goes through ups and downs though and I need to pick myself up and stop throwing a pity party.

Two weeks ago, I had an incredible experience speaking to a bunch of middle and high schoolers at Church of the Resurrection in Ellicott City about always trusting God and forgiveness, both which are easier said than done. Last Saturday, I attended a confirmation for one of my students who asked me to be her sponsor. Although I learned that I’m a terrible teacher and that’s definitely not my calling in life, I enjoyed getting to know the kids. I also shared my story with them at their confirmation retreat.

Like most people, I run to my faith and God when things go wrong. Difficult situations such as having brain cancer at a kid, watching my dad die of ALS, becoming physically disabled, and nearly dying, have caused me to hold my faith close. But I’ve also learned to embrace my faith when things go right or in those moments when everything seems perfect. That’s very much how I try to live my life and why I am so hopeful and positive even when life seems awful.

But anyways, before I start rambling on, they both reminded me that letting God speak to others through my testimony is a special gift I have. Almost like a power and with great power comes great responsibility.  (Yes, like Spiderman)

As I said earlier, lately I’ve felt stuck or like I have no purpose.  Though both times made me realize that my purpose is my positivity, sharing my faith, and constantly hoping for the best despite being disabled and having a less than normal life. It is my responsibility to share this with everyone I meet. So the past couple weeks when I’ve been in a rut, I’ve been wasting my gift and neglecting my responsibilities.

We all have a special power or gift to share with the world and sometimes we get so distracted by life and being like everyone else; that we often forget or blow off our responsibilities. Even Peter Parker struggled with accepting his powers and how it might not always be the easy path but that being Spiderman was his responsibility. What is your responsibility?


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  1. Niece, I love you! Plus the fact that you talk about Spiderman just puts this over the top… I love Spiderman… not as much as you, but close. 🙂 You have an awesome ability to show people how to be grateful and positive. You allow people to see what they have in their life and how to be thankful for that. You give to others so much, and I am blessed, over and over and over again through you. I miss you! We haven’t talked for much too long. ❤


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